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The weekends that involve margs + girlfriends + tacos + city life are the best. Am I right?! I probably enjoyed myself a little bit too much last weekend so this week I’m in full detox mode so I thought I would share my go-to’s when working to give my body {and liver} extra support!

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ONE // GLF { gallbladder liver flush } essential oil goes directly in my water always everyday but I may go a bit heavier after a night or weekend of alcohol. The ingredients that make up this oil are very supportive of the liver & gallbladder. It is formulated with oils that help to cleanse and restore liver & gallbladder function.

TWO // Glutathione – simply put, when your liver has a reserve of glutathione, it processes alcohol more efficiently. When it doesn’t – your liver can go into over-drive and that is something you for sure don’t want! Even one night of heavy drinking can deplete your liver of glutathione – yikes! So be sure to take this supp every time after! A component of glutathione that is great is NAC aka N-acetyl-Cysteine. This makes it so that your liver can rebuild itself when it needs to.. like after drinking. NAC’s also help your adrenal glands, which if we want to get super technical, supports the liver. I personally take NAC’s the day OF drinking and one week after to make sure my liver is recovering.

THREE // Apple cider vinegar is the real mvp. Known to help improve health in so many ways but the reason I love it for detox is that it helps improve GI issues post drinking. It works to bring the gut back to an alkaline environment which is thrown off after consuming acidic things that disrupt the pH balance in the gut!

FOUR // Who doesn’t love a detox bath?! I love adding these lavender bath bombs, apple cider vinegar, extra lavender oil, frankincense oil and epsom salts for the full effect! I always feel so much better in general after one! Detox baths work to pull toxins from the body, reduce stress on the body, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and balance pH levels. Yes please!

FIVE // Spirulina is a superfood powerhouse – a really good one to add into your diet if you’re a regular drinker. It binds to toxins and carries them out out of the body. Not gonna lie though, it smells disgusting. I add a teaspoon to my smoothies!

SIX // Antioxidant support..need I say more?! So much goodness packed in a 2oz serving and I never miss a day! On days like today when I need extra support i’ll get wild and take 4oz! It supports overall wellness, cellular function, mood and energy levels. Ok cool… sold!

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add elderberry to help keep your immune system strong. The immune system and the liver are very much connected. You want a strong immune system for your liver so it’s not constantly using its energy to ward off bacteria, dirty blood, and pathogens!

Hope this helps you avoid the typical post drinking slump! Keep that liver happy!



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