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Last standing on 2 feet selfie for awhile 😉

I had to be at the surgery center by 8am for the surgery starting at 9am! They actually moved my surgery up.. it originally was going to be later in the day.. i am super glad i was moved up! Let’s get this show on the road!!! I was extremely nervous upon arrival, to say the least. So many questions swirling through my brain.. am i going to be in pain when i wake up? what if they operate on the wrong foot? what if they operate on the right foot but they still have to amputate because of unforeseen circumstances?! Will I puke when i wake up? WILL I WAKE UP? You guys. Just all the things flood your brain cells before surgery & you may become a tad least that’s how it went for me!

Anyways. I arrived at 8. As I am walking in, my dear friend Kate called me and started praying for me.. for the surgeons.. for everything to go as planned. If I wasn’t already crying, I absolutely was then! That prayer gave me the bravery to get through it all… I can do hard things. We walked in, got checked in, filled out paperwork and waited to be called to be taken back to the pre-op room. Then it happened. “Lindsay, we are ready for you!” Alright. Here we go. This is it.

Smiling on the outside, falling apart on the inside lol

that little wash cloth on my chest is loaded with valor… the oil I huff in any stress/anxiety inducing situation

alrighty, here we go.

I seriously had the sweetest nurse OF.ALL.TIME. She knew my hesitations and how i felt about a post surgery puke sesh and she did everything she could to prevent it. She started me immediately on IV fluids and said that helps a lot…who knew?! She also ordered me an anti nausea patch to go behind my ear. She had the most amazing bed side manner and was so on top of making me comfortable. What would we do without nurses like that?! Soon after she got me set up, the surgeon and anesthesiologist arrived to say hello and give me a run down of the surgery. I received a nerve block but don’t worry, they gave me a whole lot of anti anxiety meds so that I wouldn’t care about that weird process. It feels super weird but the nice part was that my leg was completely numb from the knee down and lasted 48 hours after surgery! Pretty quickly after that they wheeled me into the operation room and next thing I remember is I was waking up as they were taking me out of the operation room… and then I zonked out again in recovery! I felt groggy and a bit queasy and they were quick to give me meds and I was good after that! Phew praise.

post surgery zzzz’s

We stayed about 2 hours in recovery and headed out. My pain was well managed with the pain meds they gave me and the nerve block that kept me very comfortable. I was overall in good shape headed home! When we got home I crawled into bed (literally), propped my leg up and got cozy. Started my 6 week non weight bearing hiatus watching Pretty Woman (for the first time I might add!). Agenda the rest of the day consisted of Netflix, Ice, Elevate, Eat and lots of sleep. Not the worst rx <3

More surgery & post op updates to come!



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