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Well hello favorite month! It is finally dropping temps in the midwest and I couldn’t be happier! Something about leaves changing colors, crisp air and pumpkin cold foam cold brew that is SO magical <3 I rounded up some of my most favorite-can’t-live-without items for the fall! Let’s get cozy!

one // two // three // four // five // six

one // You can never have too many cozy blanket scarfs! Timeless way to be cute and warm all season long!

two // We don’t go without Thieves Essential oil in this house! It is always a favorite but especially in the fall/winter to keep us healthy while making our house small a freaking Christmas dream. Ingredients that keep us healthy AND joyful? Not opposed one bit.

three // Where are my note takers at?! I always keep a pad of paper close by for various reasons but this one is the cutest and “the weekly” layout keeps me organized.

four // I just recently discovered the magic that is madewell jeans. Have you tried them!? They are cozy, cute and flattering in all the right places. I love a good pair of skinny denim to pair with all my favorite fall sweaters!

five // I recently discovered four stigmatic coffee while trying to reduce the amount of caffeine I drink and I am HOOKED. They have tons of great flavors and this one is definitely a fave & tastes festive so it really is just a win overall.

six // I love a cozy home, especially in the fall! It is the one goal I always have when decorating! I love this book for inspiration to bring my dreams to reality in our living space 🙂

Headed to wash hocus-pocus (again) and bake my favorite pumpkin chocolate chips muffins! Enjoy this season and don’t forget to find the beauty in the little things.



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