Sometimes I think we over complicate what it means to live a healthy lifestyle when really it's very simple. It's not about spending thousands of dollars on lulu lemon pants, buying the most expensive water, or even buying everything organic. This is overwhelming and I think stops a lot of people from moving forward, this idea that we need to do #allthethings in order for it to "count' is silly and not reality for everyone. lets not overcomplicate It, you can do many things to make a significant impact on your health without spending a penny to do so. I rounded up several of my favorite (& free) ways you can work on your health while living on a budget!

Lets break it down:

- Sit less & stand more

- Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night

-Take frequent movement breaks

-get outside in the sunshine

-go for a walk or run

-Stop buying processed, junk and fast foods

-Quit smoking and/or excessive alcohol consumption

-Eliminate toxic cleaning/beauty/household products

-drink more water (at least half your body weight daily!)


-Full body stretching & yoga Flow

-Try a free trial exercise class (so many have a free introductory period!)

-Do a bodyweight workout (YouTube has tons of free videos!)

-Keep a gratitude journal and/or write out affirmations

-Deep belly (Diaphragm) breathing

-spend time with a loved one or pet

-call or visit a friend or family member


-spend time on your hobby

-LAUGH! Watch a silly movie, play a game etc.

The list goes on! The challenge around healthy living I typically see is a lack of knowing where to begin and how to stay consistent. I always recommend starting small. Choose 1 or 2 things to implement for 2 weeks and see how it feels. Note any changes in how you feel. Consider adding on a couple more after that. The whole point is that these are shifts in your lifestyle, not a crash diet. This is meant to last, to sustain, and to improve your life.

What is one "free" way you can invest in your health? What is one thing you want to start?

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