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It’s really happening!! I have waited for this moment for a long time! Tomorrow I am undergoing hallux valgus surgery, otherwise known as “bunionectomy.” My foot alignment has slowly caused me to have these painful bunions that come as a result of the misalignment happening in my foot. This surgery is to correct alignment and remove the bunion. The goal of this is to manage the pain I’ve been having and preventing potential arthritis that is usually an end result of this condition.

I decided it might be helpful to blog about my experience since it seems to be one of those procedures where some people tell you its the worst pain of your life and they would never do it ( I had MANY people warn me of this!) and other people that say “so easy..hardly any pain!” I found reading other people’s blogs about their surgery experiences was extremely helpful to me in preparing myself.

They will be performing an osteotomy for correction tomorrow. In this process that make an incision over the joint of the big toe to gain access to the bunion. Once the incision is made, the surgeon will remove the bony prominence of the first metatarsal, rebalance the soft tissue surrounding the joint, make a cut in the bone in the upper or lower part of the first metatarsal and then realigns the bone. Once this is accomplished, the surgeon will insert some type of fixation hardware, usually screws or pin to secure the realigned bone. I am only having this performed on my right foot tomorrow. I will eventually need my left foot done as well! I felt like doing both feet at the same time would be way too much as I have to be non weight bearing for 6-8 weeks!

I did a lot of shopping before hand (food, supplies, items I know I’ll be reaching for post surgery etc.) so I am well prepared when I get back home from surgery! I am definitely a planner so this step was essential! I bought a laptop table for my couch that I intend to use to hold drinks, meds, oils, etc. I bought make ahead meals, frozen chicken nuggets, fruit, lunchmeat.. basically things that would be easy for me to grab and somewhat light. I have no idea how I am going to feel post surgery with pain, pain meds and all the other things that come along with post surgery! Many people have warned/advised me to take it easy and rest as much as possible the first few days after surgery as it is a shock on the body and your body is going to to suck out all the energy you have to do its job to start the healing process!

I am going to be 29 years old this year and I have put off this surgery long enough! I probably should have had it done 10 years ago but there is truly never a good time to be off your feet for 6-8 weeks! I felt like this season was going to be as good as any… I do most of my work from home during schooling for integrative nutrition to be a certified health coach as well as Young Living Essential Oils. Both of which give me a lot of flexibility in regards to where I work, so this was a major plus in allowing me to go for the surgery now! Not going to lie, I am super nervous! I have never had surgery before and the unknowns are freaking me out.. but I am very excited to have my foot corrected! I plan to write several updates in the first several days giving updates on the recovery process. I ultimately want my blog entries to be a helpful resource to anyone going through the same thing and needing some help preparing themselves both physically as well as mentally! Stay tuned…

This was the day before. Surgery is happening on my RIGHT foot this time. Left foot is happening August 2019!

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