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  1. PMD Beauty – This amazing device has been so great for my skin. Deep cleanses & operates at a frequency to lift, firm and tone problem areas for a more youthful glow and appearance. Use code 35BLACK for 35% off your order. Such a great deal!

  2. Stasher Bag – These are such a great alternative to plastic bags, safer and much more cost effective in the long run! I also think it keeps food better than a plastic ziplock would. I ordered a set of these last Black Friday and got some really good deals!!! They have great little gift guides, I liked the $25 and under options! Can’t wait to grab more this year, they just released sooo many cute colors.

  3. Young Living Starter Kit – Treat yo self!!! I’m a big fan of these little plant miracle workers, and this kit is the best bang for you buck! If you are a fan of feeling your best and supporting all your systems topically, aromatically, internally and jumping into a healthier life… this is the deal for you!

  4. Vital Proteins – I drink a scoop of this everyday (either in a smoothie or coffee!). Collagen is so good for you for so many reasons… think digestive health, hair, skin, nails, etc. Not to mention, as we get older our bodies slowly stop producing collagen so its very important to supplement. Watch those locks grow!

  5. Teleties – I am OBSESSED with these! Once you go teletie, you never go back! These hair ties are much easier on your hair, they don’t leave a crease, and they make you have some serious pony goals! I have the think and thick and love them both so much. Can’t wait to stock up on some more this week! Woohoo!

  6. Portable Ceramic Porter Mug – This adorbs ceramic mug is perfect for your fave warm bev on the go! Super great price point, too!

Happy shopping friends!! XO

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