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DITCH & Switch: non toxic laundry day

One of life's absolutes is.. laundry! Seriously, where does it all come from?! Already feel like all I do is laundry and soon will be adding even more to my load! I get it all done using Thieves Laundry soap & dryer balls with lavender, stress away and Lemongrass. It feels so good to have trusted products to use on our clothes that doesn't jeopardize our health along the way With a baby girl on the way, I am even more aware and mindful of everything we let in our home!

So let's talk Laundry Soap, shall we?! Did you know the detergent you use could have cancer-causing chemicals AND that the manufacturer doesn't even have to list these harmful chemicals on the label? They can hide them under the word "fragrance." Fragrance doesn't just mean smell, it is a term used to cover up chemicals that manufacturers don't want us to know are in their products. Fragrance is considered a trade secret which means the manufacturer doesn't have to disclose what ingredients make up their "fragrance." Maddening, right?! And YES, even the "clean" ones with that pretty green leaf do this. When we launder our clothes in these chemicals, they don't just get absorbed through our skin, we also breathe them into our lungs, And so do our kids & babies.

I have been using thieves for the last couple years & couldn't love it more. No nasty chemicals, nothing to disrupt our breathing and hormones, or mess with our skin. It's not only the safest choice for my family, it is also the most cost effective because I can hack it! oh yes, there is a way to triple the loads you get because this bottle is concentrated! I also have a. recipe to make your own stain stick too! Here are my 3 biggest tips for making the switch:

TRIPLe your Laundry Soap:

  1. Get 3 32oz pump bottles

  2. add 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner to each bottle

  3. Divide a full bottle of Thieves Laundry soap among the 3 bottles

  4. Fill remainder of bottles with water.

I used the labels from my old thieves laundry soap containers. They peel off and re-stick so well!

Ok let's do the math so you can see how much you'll save! One bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap is $29.50, but when turned into 3 bottles that is $9.80 per bottle. Each bottle has 64 loads, so we have tripled it to 192 loads at $0.15 per load and it is safe.

$0.15 a load for a laundry soap that isn't loaded with fragrance and chemicals that disrupts our hormones & potentially harming our respiratory system &causing skin issues.

Good for my budget, good for my skin.

Thieves Stain Stick

as a mom to be, I know I will be needing some type of stain stick in my back pocket! This one beats them all as it is effective and way better on your clothes (and you) than the store bought stain sticks.

  1. Get a 30ml roller

  2. Fill halfway with Thieves Household Cleaner

  3. Fill the other half with Thieves Laundry Soap

  4. Roll on stains. Let it sit, rinse, and wash.

Dryer balls & Essential Oils

One of our last (and hardest) switches was ditching dryer sheets. They are so bad and loaded with chemicals. We switched to wool dryer balls with essential oils. Our clothes have never smelled better. Here are 3 of my favorite oils to use with my laundry:

-Stress away




All you need to do is add a few drops of oil directly on to the dryer ball and pop it in the dryer!

Simple, safe, and non toxic!

And there you have it, 3 simple and easy laundry hacks to make your chemical free life easier!

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