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It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season of all, and I am ALWAYS ready for it. It’s a big season, for so many reasons. And I know for many of us its a big shift: in weather, energy, mindset, activities, etc. Which, by the way, is a very good good thing. I love living in the midwest where I get to experience the change in weather in all the seasons. It’s so good for the soul, and so needed. There is a time for everything. <3 One of my favorite things to do every fall is make a list of all the things to be excited for that are very specific to this autumn season. I LOVE looking forward to things, so this makes me super happy and fills my fall loving soul right up.

So here it is, our fall bucket list! Hoping to get started on this first officially fall weekend! <3

+ Make homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

+ Take a last minute trip a couple hours south to our favorite winery

+ Make Elderberry Syrup

+ Hike in the woods with Julie to see all the beautiful leaves and feel the crisp autumn air

+ Watch When Harry Met Sally at least seven thousand times

+ Visit a pumpkin patch

+ Listen to autumn inspired music on spotify & bake yummy treats

+ Add a cozy touch of Fall in every room of the house

+ Dress up Junie for Halloween

+ Make our favorite Chili & watch Hocus Pocus

+ Diffuse our fave fall essential oil blends

Happy happy Fall, friends!! What fun things do you have planned this season?!



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