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2 weeks post op!

2 week appointment today! I was a little anxious about this appointment with getting the stitches pulled out but it wasn’t bad at all! I definitely didn’t watch though.. still a tad bit grossed out! My doctor is very pleased with how I am progressing and my X-rays show that I am right on track! Yay! I was also given the option to get out of the splint and go with a cast that would go up to my knee (ummm no thanks) or a moon boot that I could take on/off as needed. Of course I went with the boot!! Bonus points that it was covered by insurance. Woohooooo! It’s very bulky and I kind of look like i’m headed to space, but all in all i’m happy to be out of the splint!

It felt so nice to be able to get out of the split and switch it up with something else. I only have to keep the boot on when I am up on the scooter for precautionary reasons! It is kind of annoying taking it on and off each time I get up but it is worth it to be able to let my foot move around more, it was starting to effect my ankle range of motion from being in the splint for 2 weeks! I was also cleared today to be able to get my incision wet.. so no more covering the foot when I shower! Felt good to be able to wash my foot and get some of the dead skin off. As you can see, I have a long way to go for recovery but overall things are going super well and i’m having very minimal swelling!

My pain is super minimal other than at night or when I am up moving around too much. The swelling is what causes the pain so if I am elevating and icing often I feel really good! If the pain does come its typically at night and it feels like the screws are grinding on my skin.. it does NOT feel good but once I get ice on it and elevate my foot pretty high, it goes away quickly. It is just not wise to do much getting up when you are in the first month of this recovery. It takes a lot of patience to just sit and be still but its the best RX for allowing your body to recover! So, needless to say I am spending a ton of time on the couch watching Netflix! It is what the doctor ordered after all 😉

Here is a before and after of my foot. Its crazy seeing how bad the bunion on this foot became over the last year! The tape on my incision will fall off on its own, they tell me, wishing I could rip it off now but they don’t advise 😉 I am super glad I got it done and would do it again in a heartbeat! If you have been contemplating this surgery and fear of the pain post op has you hesitating, I promise it is a breeze! As long as you elevate and listen to your doctor.. you will be fine! It’s certainly not easy mentally, but physically it has been a piece of cake!

I will be back for an update closer to the 12 week mark! Focusing on healing with rest, green foods, elevating and icing. My incision should be clearing up quite a bit in the next few weeks – excited about that because its scaring people at this point lol

I’d love to help with any questions you might have surrounding this surgery so feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at



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