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Just a few days post op here! It felt so good to get my foot out of the splint and bandages to let it breathe a little! Not going to lie, I had a hard time looking at the scar. I have a super strong stomach when it comes to blood/scars on other people or in TV shows, but something changes when you are looking down at it on YOUR body! Thats why you see it covered here lol. Anyways, this appointment was painless and simple.. they took a look at the scar and did a few X-rays to make sure things were aligned and healing correctly. My next appointment in 10 days will be the removal of stitches! Kind of nervous for that one but from what I have heard it just feels like a tickle. I’ll just close my eyes and think of that as it happens, I guess!

Recovery Tips:

Not that I have tons of experience yet.. BUT, below I am going to share some things I am learning are going to really help me and be beneficial during this recovery!

Green Juice // I got this advice from another friend that went through this surgery and said it helped speed up recovery because #foodismedicine

Elevation Pillow // Super helpful verses using a stack of pillows. It’s def not a necessity to have this but it is nice to have a a designated pillow for recovery!

Bedside Laptop Table // This has been amazing. From holding all my snacks and drinks to my laptop and books. It’s a must for anyone who is basically bed bound! I am not ready to get to working yet, but I am so glad I have this table for my laptop, books and drinks/snacks!

Netflix or Hulu // Phew. These first few days you won’t have strength or the mental capacity to do much of anything that requires work. Between pain meds, icing and elevating it doesn’t leave much time for anything besides mindless tv binging.

Asking for Help // I have had an amazing army of friends that have stepped up to help me with meals, coffee deliveries, or just sat with me to keep me company! With Josh traveling it has been challenging. My foot starts to throb and feels like metal is grinding on metal {only way to describe the insanity of that pain level!!}I f I am up longer than the amount of time it takes to use the restroom. So to say that fixing meals or doing normal daily things is hard would be an understatement! I know that this part only is intense for 3-4 weeks but man the help from others while Josh is away, is SOOO helpful. Basically, don’t be afraid to ask for help or to let people bless you. Those special people offering a helping hand are truly ANGELS sent from Heaven, just wanting to bless people to bless them, not expecting anything in return.

Ok, that’s really all I have for now! I am sure I will learn more as time goes on but for now, time to binge greys anatomy & keep this pain at bay.

night friends!



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