3 months post surgery and I am almost back to normal. Praaaaaaaise.

This process has been so humbling. I have learned that it is okay to ask for help and to depend on others for support. Those who care will show up 🙂 I am so blessed with such a sweet community that loved me throughout this process and showed up. This process isn’t for the faint of heart. The first two weeks I was trying to manage the pain that only seemed to hit when I was moving around or at night trying to sleep. Once I made it through the first 3 weeks I was back to working from my computer at home and getting more things done around the house. I was still very limited and not able to walk or be up super long but it was major process from the weeks before! Week 6 and beyond was happy because I said byeeee to the scooter and moved to crutches and moving my legs and feet a bit more! Now I am almost all the way back to normal and trying to continue getting more range of motion in my big toe but overall I am very pleased with where I am at 🙂

I have learned so many do’s + don’t during this process and wanted to share with anyone reading this who might need some tips for recovery:

1.) Stay active! At 4 months the scar tissue breaks up more when I am moving around!

2.) Use a wheelchair/knee roller in the first 2 weeks if possible or have a strong husband to carry you around.. luckily I had both 😉

3.) Massage/Rub your feet daily. Even at almost 4 months it feels good on the incision scars to rub them.

4.) Sleeping tips for the first few weeks:

  1. Sleep with your feet propped up

  2. Keep your ice pack near your bed and ice 20 minutes before you go to sleep to reduce pain throughout the night.

  3. Buy a bottle of tylenol PM. Super helpful to not only keep pain at bay but also helpful for staying asleep through the night once you wean off the pain meds.

5.) Driving: When you start deriving again (typically after about 4 weeks), drive like you would in driving school. Leave yourself extra time to accelerate and brake so that your feet don’t have to react quickly to anything. That will cause pain for sure!

6.) Stay ahead of your pain. I didn’t take the heavy pain meds more than the first couple days but when I switched to tylenol and advil I made sure I was taking it diligently even if I wasn’t in pain yet, you don’t want to risk the dose before wearing off before another dose has time to kick in!

7.) I was getting very antsy early on and wanted to move around a lot, however I do not recommend. Realize your bones are broken! They need lots of time to heal.

8.) Take the advice of your doctor about when to wear real shoes again. I was ready for my normal shoes but the plan is in place for a reason.

9.) Soak your feet in epsom salts in the first several weeks after surgery

10.) Apply an essential oil blend once the stitches are removed and tape falls off. Put this on daily to help naturally heal your scar.

11.) ICE ICE ICE constantly during the first month or so.

12.) Don’t wear tight/fitted socks until week 12 or so. Socks tighten at the toe area. I don’t think it made a huge different with how my toe angled, but I could feel a different amount of pressure on my toes depending on the socks I wore!

13.) After the 6 weeks when you can start to walk, try not to walk barefoot. Your feet need as much support as they can when they bear weight. Only walk with shoes that have your orthotics in them.

14.) After a day of a lot of activity/walking be sure to elevate and ice before bed. It will help with the swelling (which can last up to a year post op)

15.) Wear your toe spacers (if your doctor suggest it!)

Hope this helps you! You’ve got this!!!!

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