Day 1 //

Man. If you have the option to get a nerve block before surgery.. GO FOR IT! I was hesitant about it but having numbness for the first 48 hours post surgery IS IDEAL. You want this. Even though I was very comfortable from the block, I was still advised to take medicine regardless just to stay ahead of pain that would be coming. In the past taking heavy pain medicine for a laparoscopic surgery I had years ago, it lowered my heart rate pretty low that they had to take me off of it. Yikes. I was pretty ignorant of all the side effects of medicine back then but now I am wildly aware. Reluctantly I took it because I had no idea how terrible the pain would be and I wasn’t a fan of finding out!

regretting the pills. all the regret.

Fast forward 4-5 hours… I was so nauseas, my heart rate was in the 30’s and then later my face turned red and I was burning up! Decided real quick I was going to ride it out with Tylenol and Advil lol! I chugged water and took an allergy pill and I started to feel a lot better. Pain was still manageable today too. Getting used to this walking on one leg thing is going to take time for sure….but I will say the KneeRover Scooter { linked below } is a MUST with this surgery!!! An absolute must. I feel like crutches for 6 weeks is unrealistic and sounds painful. The scooter gives me the freedom to get around my house A LOT easier! After getting settled with the medicine ration fiasco, I was very ready to take Tylenol PM and be done with the day. Also, this leg elevation setup is so awkward for sleeping.

my new stance

However, it is amazing for the pain! Not elevating is what leads to swelling and what brings on the PAIN! After just a few minutes of being up to grab food or go to the restroom the pain starts. Luckily with the help of this elevation pillow and the CyroCuff {the most AMAZING icing contraption ever… linked below!} I am in good shape! Really hoping that tylenol/advil can keep the post surgery pain at bay!

I will hop back on this week to given update of my first post op appointment & other supplies I am using that are helping me through my recovery!



Knee Rover Scooter // CyroCuff // Elevation Pillow

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