about me

as a certified nutrition and health coach, i've got to say that i truly do love making people, especially women, feel their best both inside and out.


i became super passionate about this subject after i started facing a few health hardships of my own. since then, my knowledge has only grown because i have remained so curious! i love being able to share and exchange that knowledge and my own personal experiences and journey with those who feel like their going through their own health challenges alone. i can assure you, you are not! 

I grew up with a very skewed idea of diet, exercise, body image, and nutrition. what girl didn't? it wasn't until i start digging into the root cause of my own personal health setbacks that I started realizing, "hey, there might be more to this whole health thing other than counting my calories and running on a treadmill."

I started to focusing on this mentality of food as medicine. Using real, nutrient dense foods to fix problems & heal holistically.  I began putting more intentional effort into what I was eating, planning my meals, and realizing that I have to nourish my body with Whole Foods to help me feel my best. This has helped me personally as I deal with issues around hormone balancing and have been able to use food and natural supplements to feel my best and help bring my body balance. 

in my free Time, I enjoy waking up early for quiet time before starting the work day. On my days off, I love to walk and explore nature with my husband and pup, Junie...My favorite days are laid back ones, full of adventure & learning, a cup of iced coffee or matcha and quality time with family & friends. I love introducing my love of health and wellness with everyone and would be honored to guide you on your own unique journey. <3

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